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Our book club chooses one book per year, academic and non-academic, and meets virtually to discuss, sometimes with the author.  This opportunity is a fun way to stay in touch and network in between conferences.

Our Book Club has selected Counterstory: The Rhetoric and Writing of Critical Race Theory by Aja Y. Martinez as our 2021 book.


Our Book Club has selected Counterstory: The Rhetoric and Writing of Critical Race Theory by Aja Y. Martinez as our 2021 book. We will discuss Counterstory during an online meet up at the October 2021 Conference on Community Writing. 

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Humanities scholar Aja Y. Martinez makes a compelling case for counterstory as methodology in rhetoric and writing studies through the well-established framework of critical race theory (CRT), reviewing first the counterstory work of Richard Delgado, Derrick Bell, and Patricia J. Williams, whom she terms counterstory exemplars. Delgado, Bell, and Williams, foundational critical race theorists working in the respective counterstory genres of narrated dialogue, fantasy/allegory, and autobiographic reflection, have set precedent for others who would research and compose with this method. Arguing that counterstory provides opportunities for marginalized voices to contribute to conversations about dominant ideology, Martinez applies racial and feminist rhetorical criticism to the rich histories and theories established through counterstory genres, all the while demonstrating how CRT theories and methods can inform teaching, research, and writing/publishing of counterstory. CCCC Studies in Writing & Rhetoric Series.

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