Herstory/ Coalition for Community Writing Graduate Fellowship:
Teaching for Justice and Peace

Herstory Writers Workshop College Consortium and the Coalition for Community Writing are proud to offer a fellowship program to train graduate students in the use of an innovative, empathy-based community writing methodology, the Herstory Method, as part of a story-based strategy for change.    

Our Graduate Fellows, chosen competitively, participate in a year-long on-line intergenerational facilitator training institute and in-person field placement, in partnership with the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook University (HISB). The institute includes graduate and undergraduate students, along with current and retired community activists, educators, and human service providers who are interested in working in alternative settings with populations that have traditionally been denied a voice. The training includes a hands-on immersion in the Herstory Method, a writing process that has transformed the lives of thousands of people—young and old, and incarcerated and free—over a 25-year period, while creating a powerful body of grassroots literature coming from those whose voices are not usually included in the canon.  The overarching goal is to provide each fellow with tools to enable those who have been silenced to create powerful narratives, while collectively finding ways to use these stories to change hearts, minds, and policies.

We are proud to introduce our 2020-2021 Fellows:

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Angeline M. Dean

Department of Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Education

Rowan University

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Megan Heise

Composition & Applied Linguistics

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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Gabrielle Kelenyi

Composition & Rhetoric

University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Jessica Lowell Mason

Department of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies

University at Buffalo

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Shahrzad Sajadi

School for Global Inclusion and Social Development

University of Massachusetts Boston

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Alison Turner

Writing Program

University of Denver

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Paul Mikel Watts-Offret

Department of English

North Carolina State University

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