The Coalition for Community Writing counts on its members to sustain and grow its vital programming such as its biennial Conference on Community Writing™, awards, and mentor network.

Membership renews annually on your sign-up date. All membership benefits are listed below.

If you have questions about joining CCW, or about the status of your membership, contact CCW Executive Director, Veronica House, at


Continued membership is contingent upon being up to date on membership dues. Subscriptions renew annually. Click on the appropriate membership type in order to sign up.

* Individual Faculty, Professional/Staff member: $50
* Community College, HBCU, HSI, Tribal College Faculty member: $35
* Student member: $25
* Non-academically affiliated community member: $25
* Supporting member: $100
* Sustaining member: $500
* Program/Department/Organization membership: $575


If you have the means to help the Coalition pay for vital programming, please consider becoming a member of the CCW at the supporting or sustaining level, and encourage your program to purchase membership.



  • Eligibility to present at the Conference on Community Writing
  • Eligibility to apply or nominate for CCW awards (i.e., Outstanding Book, Outstanding Article, Outstanding College-Community Project, Distinguished Engaged Scholar, Emerging Scholar)
  • Eligibility to join mentorship program as mentor and mentee and support for development of teaching, research, and job market materials; social media and branding materials; messaging campaigns
  • Eligibility to contribute to CCW leadership
  • Eligibility to serve on CCW committees, boards, and task forces
  • Opportunities to propose and participate in national research and policy initiatives on topics of concern to the coalition
  • Eligibility to propose and join research teams supported by CCW
  • Ability to propose hosting a CCW regional meeting or workshop
  • Reduced registration fees for regional meetings and workshops
  • Involvement in network of community and academic partners
  • Eligibility to propose or participate in CCW-sponsored panel at CCCC and other conferences
  • Opportunity to have your program or scholarship spotlighted in publications, at the conference, and on the website
  • Discounts from publishers on CCW-related books
  • Eligibility for book giveaways


  • Membership status for faculty, students, staff and partners
  • Membership discount for all department members and students for Conference on Community Writing registration
  • One prioritized proposal for the biennial Conference on Community Writing
  • Sponsor status at the Conference on Community Writing
  • Eligibility to propose and host CCW regional meetings and workshops
  • Reduced registration fees for regional meetings for up to 10 members
  • Opportunity to apply for “Affiliate Program” status, in which the program or organization would be featured on the CCW website
Select your membership type below to sign up:
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Student Member
Non-Academically Affiliated Community Member
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Supporting Member
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Sustaining Member
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