Conference on Community Writing

Washington D.C.

October 21-23, 2021

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Co-Chairs: Phyllis Ryder and Veronica House
The George Washington University is the proud host of the 2021 Conference.

Consultant - Racial Justice - Policy Advocacy - Organizational Change

DeepThink Tanks are participatory, action-oriented working sessions focused on critical social and environmental issues and facilitated by scholars and community leaders.  Attendees actively engage with how to address these issues in our teaching, research, community activism, and organizing.

Facilitated by scholars and community leaders, CCW2021 DeepThink Tank themes will include: Environmental Restoration as Racial and Socioeconomic Justice: Interwoven Local and National Community-Engagement Practices; Decolonizing Philanthropy; Disability Justice; The Racial Realism of Narrative: Methodologies of Refusal; Engaging Community through Contemplative Practice and Writehealing; and Spatializing Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Workshop sessions involve interactive presentation and collaborative work with participants. Community and university experts will lead educational sessions on a wide array of topics to help attendees learn new skills and processes that they can apply in their own lives and neighborhoods and at their own institutions or places of work. 

Why attend this conference?


about writing as a tool for social change.


projects, pedagogies, research, and partnerships.


with colleagues in your own and related fields and from community contexts — writers, activists, teachers, organizers, and community members. All are welcome!


how to help catalyze and facilitate social change through various types of research, teaching, and writing about, with, for, and by local and global communities.


More than 1,500 scholars, activists, teachers, and community members have attended our conference. 

Our attendees have drawn from 49 states, D.C., and countries around the world.


More than 750 colleges, universities, and community organizations have been represented at the conference.

Mural Art Activation with Michelle Ortiz and Writers-in-Residence, Philadelphia Conference on Community Writing™️

The Prison Story Project Performance, Boulder Conference on Community Writing™️

Attendee Testimonials

To join our community, you can register for our Community Writing listserv, a valuable resource and networking space for scholars, students, teachers, and community members.

Members of the list are welcome to post questions, ideas, and announcements about pedagogy, research, publications, projects, and events regarding community writing and related fields.”

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